At J4 Lumber, we offer a wide variety of lumber and timber products for different
applications in dfferent industries. Our lumber products are tailored to your needs.

Dimensional lumber

We stock dimensional lumber cut to predefined, standard sizes. The lumber is sawn and planed or smoothened to make it ready for application. Our dimensional lumber is used in many projects including wood-based housing construction including platform-frame construction in Texas.


We have banding lumber available in different sizes – width, thickness, and lengths. Grooved and plain lumber, also referred to as dunnage is often used within the base of a package along with plastic or metal banding to build a stable packaging to products being shipped. The minimum and maximum lengths, widths, and thickness are manufactured according to the specifications of the buyer.

At J4 Lumber, we stock and custom-cut your lumber products with short lead times.


Our hardwood and southern yellow pine lumber products offer durable and sturdy wood for your applications.


Our industrial-grade lumber is manufactured to ensure versatility, strength, and durability. Using industrial-grade lumber for your project allows you to build structures or buildings that are strong and durable.


We stock commercial grade lumber graded for various uses. We have commercial grade lumber for wholesale and distributors and the products are designed for different applications.


With outdoor building and construction projects, you need to use lumber that is treated to prevent destruction from insects and pests. We offer treated lumber products for constructing structures like decks, pergolas, porches, and other structures that require added protection against elements. Our treated lumber products will stand against decay, termites, humid and hot climates, and weather.


Our hardwood and southern yellow pine lumber products offer durable and sturdy wood for your applications.


Probably you don’t need fine cut or smoothened lumber for your applications. If that is the case, we have rough cut lumber that you can use for your project. If you have the equipment to smooth cut your lumber to your specifications, you can consider our rough cut lumber.


We have landscape timber and wood stakes for building retaining walls and other structures to protect homes and commercial properties.


CDX is veneer plywood manufactured by pressing glued sheets of wood. These plywoods allow being exposed to moisture – it’s not waterproof. On the other hand, OSB is a cheaper option of CDX and is easily perceived as waterproof, though it can absorb water, it takes time for the moisture to dry out.


These lumber products are used to secure and load cargo. Dunnage helps prevent shifting or movement of cargo or freight when shipping products.


Our resawn lumber is made for different projects and applications. We can rip stock lumber into multiple pieces comprising the same length as well as width so that we save you money and ensure uniformity in both color and grain.


To ensure you have the best experience when buying your lumber plywood, we cut them to size depending on your requirements. We put the needs of our clients first, so when you request us to cut your lumber to size, we do it precisely. We specialize in cut-to-size, custom cut, and plywood products. Whether its softwoods, hardwoods, industrial-grade time, plywood, or treated timber, we will cut it to size.


We provide our customers with competitively priced dunnage lumber for shipping. With both dense hardwoods as well as quality soft hardwood dunnage, we bring you shipping timbers, blocking, wedges, chocks, cribbage, and other shipping products. Our shipping dunnage can be cut to meet your specifications for shipments and storage including truck, rail, warehouse, ocean vessels, and other applications.


We have a wide collection of cut stock as well as crating lumber for your pallet and crate building needs. Looking forward to constructing standard pallets, block pallets, wing pallets, fully reversible pallets, or single-face pallets, we have the right lumber for your needs. Additionally, we can customize the wood packaging and packing stock or skids so that they meet your specifications. We have hardwood, softwoods, as well as plywood for your crate and pallet construction.

Our crating stock and pallet are used for a wide variety of export as well as stocking and crating needs.

Hardwood sills and stripping

At J4 Lumber, we got all you need when it comes to hardwood sills as well as stripping. We offer top-notch hardwood sills as well as stripping for residential and commercial building projects.

Our quality, non-adjustable sills will limit exposure to weather elements while providing a great seal from things like airflow and moisture. These timber products help provide tight seals at the bottom ends of the doors. Our saddle seals feature a non-adjustable lower threshold compared to traditional sills. This allows for easier roller and wheel access through the doorways.

Truck cross-outs and stakes

We provide cross cuts as well as stacking sticks with or without banding grooves, depending on your needs. Our stakes are made from straight-grained, knot-free lumber thus preventing splitting when you nail or drive them. Again, the coloring of the stakes allows surveyors and engineers to quickly and easily find the marking placed up the stakes. And we can custom-cut your stakes to almost any size and for any application. Our prices for truck cross-outs as well as stakes offer a real bargain. Our cross-outs provide less crooking, bowing, breakage, or twisting thereby saving you valuable money and downtime.

Treated wood

Whether you are looking for pressure-treated or repellent options, we stock treated wood ideal for decking and other applications. We also have treated plywood and other lumber products.

J4 Lumber is your one-stop-shop for your lumber products in Texas whether for commercial purposes like lumber distributor or building projects. Request for a quote today and get a fast response for your lumber product orders in Texas.