About Us


J4 Lumber is a local family-owned business founded in 2020 by Eric and Rob. We strive to supply the best quality lumber products and timber in Texas. We offer a wide selection of lumber products to meet your needs – whether for commercial use or your project including building and construction.

The founders, Eric and Rob, come from a strong background in the lumber industry and are ready to put their 50+ years of service experience to work for you. We bring our expertise in the industry to our clients.

Our many years working in the lumber industry have equipped us with crucial knowledge and skills that we share with our clients. We shoulder ourselves the tasks of sourcing the best lumber product so that you achieve your goals. Whatever lumber product you may be looking for be it plywood, dimensional, or cut-to-size lumber or shipping dunnage, we cater to your needs.

Our Goal


Establishing J4 Lumber was the first successful stride in our goal of serving our clients in Texas. Working closely with a reputable lumber miller, we pride ourselves on offering quality products. We have broadened the realm of our products and services and we maintain close ties with the commercial lumber industry.

We know that succeeding in this industry requires us to understand how clients and their needs. We have been in the industry for decades and we know what different clients need when it comes to offering them lumber products. We understand that no two industries are the same, so we reposition ourselves to cater to the varying needs of each client.

Our goal is to continue expanding and become the leader supplying lumber products in Texas. Every decision we make is built on our expertise, market research, experience, and dedication. Your success is our success, so we handle your needs with allegiance to meet your expectations. We ensure that you have your lumber products at reasonable prices and ensure a quick delivery.

We are the trusted lumber company in Texas. We bring innovative solutions in lumber products to ensure that our clients find the right product they need. We understand that when you have a project, you want to get the materials ready and at competitive prices so that the project keeps on moving. If you sell lumber products, you want quality lumber that your clients or customers will appreciate.

Our Customers


We serve a wide range of customers ranging from lumber wholesalers and distributors to crate manufacturing companies. We offer our lumber products to local pallet building companies, and distribution and logistics professionals. Our lumber products are sourced from trusted millers ensuring that you have quality products. We offer competitively priced dimensional lumber and hardwood products.

What makes us stand out from other similar companies?

We offer excellent customer service and ensure quick response time to your requests and orders. When you request for quotes, we make sure that they are processed pretty fast so that your project or business continues its operations without lag time.

Buy your lumber products from a reliable company. Contact us today to request your quote. Our staff are ready to serve you with courtesy and respect.