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J4 Lumber is committed to providing quality lumber products to our clients. We feature different lumber products suited for different applications. We have the right industry knowledge and experience and understand the needs of our customers. At J4 Lumber, we know that the kind of lumber product you use whether dimensional lumber or heat-treated lumber goes a long way in determining your success. Do you need lumber products like dimensional lumber? Call us and request a quote. We offer truckload wholesale, less than truckload (LTL) as well as truckload supplies.

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J4 Lumber is here to provide solutions to businesses or companies that need lumber products. Sourcing lumber from a trusted miller gives us an upper edge in meeting the demands of our clients. We understand the lumber industry well as well as the lumber products, so we only get our lumber from the right millers or suppliers. This means that the lumber as well as lumber products we supply you are of high quality. Again, we know that when it comes to the delivery of lumber products, there may be challenges. We ensure that your orders are processed fast and your products delivered on time.

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We work closely with pallet companies and wholesale lumber distributors to ensure that they get the lumber products they need. Pallet companies work to manufacture and supply pallets and make repairs to worn out pallets. If your pallet company is going to be profitable, you need to get quality wood that produces sturdy pallets for the specific job – assembling, storing, and handling or even transporting products and materials. Whether you own a warehouse or you are a logistics company involved in the shipping of products, we provide you with quality dimensional lumber cut to size to ensure strong pallets.

Companies that serve as wholesale lumber distributors would want to source their lumber from a reliable supplier. At J4 Lumber, we source quality lumber from trusted millers so you rest assured you will get the right lumber product for wholesale deals. We want you to continue increasing your customer base and we come in handy in determining that goal.

Your customers will want to get quality lumber products, and if we can’t offer that, you will lose them. By offering quality lumber products for wholesale lumber distributors, we help you maximize profits while expanding your customer base. Buy lumber products from us and enjoy our seamless order processing and delivery process.

We supply lumber for commercial purposes. Whether you manufacture plywood, fencing products, treated timber, or other wood products, we will supply you with quality lumber to ensure you produce quality timber and wood products.

We also do business with local pallet and crate building companies. The pallet and crate manufacturing sector is a highly competitive one. It takes you quite some time to build your business relationship with clients and one of the areas you want to emphasize on is the quality of pallets and crates you are building. Since crates and pallets are built for different applications, you want to source the right kind of lumber. Some pallets have to be made of hardwood while others can simply serve their work when made of softwood
At J4 Lumber, we serve various industries including wholesale lumber distributors, crate and pallet manufacturers, distribution and logistics companies, and commercial lumber sellers. Our mission is to provide the lumber products to our clients. Our decades of combined experience in the lumber industry set up apart from our competitors. We have been in the industry for several years and understand the challenges and tailbacks that companies or businesses seeking lumber products undergo.

Whether you need truckload wholesale lumber or less than a truckload of lumber, we supply you. Talk to us and request a quote.

Variety of lumber products

We stock a wide range of lumber products to cater to your commercial lumber wholesale business or distributor company, crate manufacturing, pallet manufacturing, distribution, and logistics including storage and transportation of products. Our dimensional lumber is sourced from quality timber and cut to size or custom-cut to your requirements. We also stock battens or band grooved wood runners for your hybrid pallet-crate needs. If you handle long pieces of materials such as metal products, piping, tubing, or plywood, you want to use band-notched lumber as it serves as pallet or crate to safely store, transportation, and ship your products. We cut your lumber to size to make it easier for you to utilize it in your project or whatever reason you are buying the lumber for.

We also stock hardwood and softwood like southern yellow pine. If you want hardwood for your project or commercial purposes, we have hardwood and quality softwood like southern yellow pine. And you know southern yellow pine is the touted as the hardest among all softwood species. This means it will offer you quality wood for your applications.

At J4 Lumber, we also sell industrial grade lumber (grade #1 to #4). Other products that we offer are heat-treated lumber (HT), landscape timbers, wood stakes, rough-cut lumber, resawn lumber, crating stock, truck cross-outs, and stakes, as well as dunnage and cargo blocking lumber. Our wide range of lumber products and timber allows you to find the kind of product you want for your project or commercial purposes.

Do you have a project at hand? Are you constructing a building? Do you sell lumber products or wood products? We have lumber and lumber products designed for your application, usage, or project. Call us today and request a quote for your dimensional lumber, air-dried lumber, heat-treated lumber, CDX plywood & oriented strand board (OSB), and other lumber and timber products.

Quality lumber products
for your project or
commercial use

Whether you are seeking lumber for a building and construction project or lumber product for your warehouse or distribution and logistics company, we come in handy to offer you quality lumber products. We have treated lumber for enhanced durability – our air-dried and heat-treated lumber ensures that it’s protected from destruction by insects or pests while allowing your manufacture or made wood products that survive for long.

Get quality lumber products from J4 Lumber. Contact us today and request a quote for your lumber product. We offer competitively-priced, quality lumber for your projects and applications.